Pradosh Days, Pradosham Dates 2015

Pradosham Puja

Pradosham Puja

Pradosh Vrat, which is also known as Pradosham in South India, is observed to seek blessings of Lord Shiva.

Pradosh Vrat is observed on both Trayodashi Tithis, i.e. Shukla Paksha Trayodashi and Krishna Paksha Trayodashi, in lunar month. Some people distinguish between Shukla and Krishna Paksha Pradosham.

When Pradosham day falls on Monday it is called Soma Pradosham, on Tuesday it is called Bhauma Pradosham and on Saturday it is called as Shani Pradosham.

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Pradosha Puja Time
02 January (Friday) Pradosh Vrat (S) 17:31 to 20:17
18 January (Sunday) Pradosh Vrat (K) 17:44 to 20:27
01 February (Sunday) Pradosh Vrat (S) 17:55 to 20:35
16 February (Monday) Soma Pradosh Vrat (K) 18:07 to 20:42
02 March (Monday) Soma Pradosh Vrat (S) 18:17 to 20:47
18 March (Wednesday) Pradosh Vrat (K) 18:27 to 20:51
01 April (Wednesday) Pradosh Vrat (S) 18:34 to 20:54
16 April (Thursday) Pradosh Vrat (K) 18:43 to 20:58
01 May (Friday) Pradosh Vrat (S) 18:52 to 21:02
15 May (Friday) Pradosh Vrat (K) 19:00 to 21:07
31 May (Sunday) Pradosh Vrat (S) 19:09 to 21:13
14 June (Sunday) Pradosh Vrat (K) 19:15 to 21:17
29 June (Monday) Soma Pradosh Vrat (S) 19:18 to 21:21
13 July (Monday) Soma Pradosh Vrat (K) 19:17 to 21:21
29 July (Wednesday) Pradosh Vrat (S) 19:10 to 21:17
11 August (Tuesday) Bhauma Pradosh Vrat (K) 19:00 to 21:10
27 August (Thursday) Pradosh Vrat (S) 18:44 to 21:00
10 September (Thursday) Pradosh Vrat (K) 18:28 to 20:48
25 September (Friday) Pradosh Vrat (S) 19:00 to 20:35
10 October (Saturday) Shani Pradosh Vrat (K) 17:53 to 20:23
25 October (Sunday) Pradosh Vrat (S) 17:38 to 20:13
08 November (Sunday) Pradosh Vrat (K) 17:27 to 20:06
23 November (Monday) Soma Pradosh Vrat (S) 17:20 to 20:03
08 December (Tuesday) Bhauma Pradosh Vrat (K) 17:20 to 20:05
23 December (Wednesday) Pradosh Vrat (S) 17:25 to 20:11
Note – 24-hour clock with local time of New Delhi & DST adjusted for all Muhurat timings (if applicable)
(K) – Krishna Paksha Pradosham
(S) – Shukla Paksha Pradosham

For Pradosham Vrat, day is fixed when Trayodashi Tithi falls during Pradosh Kaal which starts after Sunset. The time window after Sunset when Trayodashi Tithi and Pradosh time overlaps is auspicious for Shiva Puja. lists this time for all Pradosham and this time should be preferred for doing Shiva Puja.

Location based Pradosham Days

It is important to understand that fasting day for Pradosham might differ for two cities even if those cities are within same Indian state. Fasting for Pradosham depends on sunset time and it is observed when Trayodashi Tithi prevails after sunset. Hence Pradosham fasting might be observed on Dwadashi Tithi i.e. one day before Trayodashi Tithi. As Sunset time is different for all cities, it is important to refer Hindu calendar like this website which lists location based Pradosham days. As generating location based dates are time consuming most sources ignore this fact and publish single list for all cities.

Pradosh Vrat November 2015 – Shiva Pradosha Fasting Dates in November 2015

The Story of Pradosh Fasting – Pradosha Vrat Katha


Pradosh Vrat, also known as Pradosham, is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The Pradosha fasting and rituals are observed on the 13th day of lunar fortnight. There is an interesting story mentioned in the Puranas which narrate the origin of the Pradosh Fasting. The Pradosh vrat katha is associated with Samudurmanthana or Churning of ocean and Lord Shiva drinking the poison Halahala.

To get Amrita or the elixir of life, Devas and Asuras started the Samudra Manthan or churning of ocean on the advice from Lord Vishnu. The churning of the ocean produced the terrible poison Halahala which had the capacity to devour the universe.

Lord Shiva came to the rescue of the Devas and Demons and he drank the poison Halahala. The demons and gods continued the churning of the ocean and finally they got the Amrut or elixir on the twelfth day of lunar fortnight.

The Devas and Asuras thanked Lord Shiva on the thirteenth day. Pleased with the devotion, Lord Shiva is believed to have danced between the horns of Nandi – the bull. The time when Shiva was extremely happy was the Pradosham period or the twilight time.

It is believed that Lord Shiva is extremely happy during this period and blesses all this devotees and fulfills their wishes during the Pradosh period on Trayodashi day.

Shiva devotees perform Pradosh for attaining moksha and fulfilling their dreams.

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Pradosh, also referred as Pradosha Vrat, is an auspicious day dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Pradosh Vrat dates in November 2015 are November 9 and November 23.

The Pradosh Vrat Falling on November 9 and November 23, 2015 are on Monday, therefore it is known as Som Pradosh. Highly auspicious day to propitiate Shiva as Monday is dedicated to Shiva.

The fasting occurs twice in a Hindu month – once each during the waning and waxing phase of the moon on the Trayodashi day (Thirteenth day after new moon and full moon). Pujas and rituals on Pradosham are performed during the twilight period – around 90 minutes before and 90 minutes after sunset.

Fasting from sunrise to sunset is an important aspect of Pradosha. The fast is broken after the evening prayers. The puja and worship is done in the evening. Most devotees spend the evening on the day in a Shiva temple.

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