Amavasya is the Indian name for a new moon. It is well thought-out to be a very auspicious day. In many Hindu households it is a day of fasting. On this day many years back the ancients considered this day with a lot of fear and trepidation because they had thought that the moon had been swallowed by the sun. But in fact the new moon is the lunar phase that occurs when the moon is in it’s monthly orbital around the earth, as it lies between the earth and sun, it is therefore in conjunction with the sun as seen from the earth.

At this time the dark portion of the moon faces almost directly toward earth so that the moon is not visible to the naked eye!!! Amavasya is the fifteenth day of the dark half of the lunar month. The occurrence of amavasya is based on the lunar calendar, which works on the 30 day lunar cycle. Amavasya or the new moon is the last day of the waning moon. The first day of the waning moon cycle is actually a full moon day. Which is also called Purnima.

According to the Vishnu Dharma Shastra this day is dedicated to the remembrance or worship of our forefathers. As you know this day is very auspicious for performing puja for our departed ancestors, “Pitra”. This custom of honouring our forefathers have gone on for many generations and will continue going on in very many years to come.

Pitra Bhog
The food which is dedicated to “Pitra” is known as “Pitra Bhog”. They generally accept sweets especially “Kheer”(Rice Boiled in Milk with Sugar).

How to offer Pitra Bhog
Burn a piece of dry cow dung in a dedicated area where you intend to offer the Pitra Bhog. Turn some pure water in palm of your hand around the burning cow dung. This will make the place Holy. While pouring kheer over the burning cow dung, family members join hands and remembering the Pitra by name, ask that the food offered be accepted and blessings be bestowed upon the family.

When is Pitra Bhog given
This is given once in a month during Amaavasyaa – Pitra only accept their stuff once a month. In any family the departed souls are respected, in most cases a person born in a family line is none other than one of his own ancestors. For example a person born in a family line is usually one of the forefathers of that family who has reborn in that family again. According to the theory of Karmic astrology, most of the people are born in the same family lines with same friends and same enemies in so many of their lives until their Karmic debts, duties and rewards are all cleared from that particular group of people or we can call them particular group of Souls. Where ancestors are not respected, enemies are born as our own children. A highly realized person can experience these through “regression”.

In the human body there is a natural upsurge of energies that take place on these auspicious days. On new moon and full moon days the spiritual seeker attains peace and tranquillity in doing certain puja at these times. You may have heard that at these times that if a people are a little mentally imbalanced they become more imbalanced. Why is this so you ask? Well it is because the gravitational impact of the moon that is working on our planet. So it ends up pulling everything upward for example the oceans are trying to rise, but also our blood! it tries to rise due to the moon’s gravitation.

Our emotions play a big role on amavasya as well as they say that: If you are happy, you will become more happy and if you are unhappy, you will become more unhappy. Whatever your quality may be, it gets a little enhanced on these days as the blood in your body and the water are rising and being pulled upward. Therefore all our energy is being pulled some way or the other. These two days are like a boon from nature for any spiritual seeker as any puja done on new moon and full moon days have a great impact on the system of your life.

On this day of shani amavasya many people worship lord shani, who is the supreme god in one’s fortune. The importance and significance of the shani amavasya puja is that many devotees believe that the shani amaavas day is to please and pacify lord shani. Worshiping shani bhagvan and offering him naivedya can reduce all the bad effects in there lives. Those who are suffering from several doshas such as pitra dosha and kaala sarpa dosha perform remedial puja’s for lord shani. It is said that if you listen to the shani mantra on this specific day it cleanses your spirit and helps you on your spiritual journey of self discovery.

The importance of amavasya is that it is a day of new beginnings. It is a time to discard all our old habits, thought processes, failures and negative influences. Whilst it also bestows upon us the lesson of embracing the promise of a new light that the new moon brings to us.

Those who worship surya bhagvan or the sun god recognise amavasya to be a very powerful and auspicious day.

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Observing Wednesday fast increases the intellectual development of a person. And, the fast of Wednesday is also observed to get the auspicious results of the Mercury planet. Additionally this fast fulfills the desires and give wealth and happiness. After performing the fast, it is must to hear the fast story. All sorts of problems are removed on observing this fast and all wishes of life can be fulfilled.

Beginning of Wednesday fasting should be done from first Wednesday of Shukla Pakshaof any month. This fast is kept continuously for 21 Wednesdays. Observing this fast increase wealth, wisdom and profit in business. On the day of fast, after bathing green colored clothes should be wore. And, in early morning, Lord Bhud (mercury) should be worshiped. After this Vishnu Sahastrnaam should be read.

Method of Wednesday Fast – Procedure of Wednesday Fasting

Person observing this fast should wake up before sunrise. Then he should clean the house. After this, he should complete his routine work like bathing etc. Later on he should purify the whole house by sprinkling Ganga Jal. In case of no Ganga Jal, any water from some holy river can be used.

In a peaceful place of Ishan Kon (North-East direction) of house, an idol of Lord Budh or Shankar, else a picture in a utensil of pewter should be placed. After placing the picture or idol, perform the Puja with incense stick, Bel leaves, Akshat and lamp of ghee. After that, the following mantra should be chanted and Budh Dev should be worshiped.

बुध त्वं बुद्धिजनको बोधद: सर्वदा नृणाम्।

तत्वावबोधं कुरुषे सोमपुत्र नमो नम:॥

After fasting the whole day, in the evening, once again Lord Budh is worshiped and Vrat Katha is heard. Then the Aarti should be performed. After sunset, Lord should be offered incense sticks, Deep, jaggery, Bhat (boiled rice), curd and then, Prasaad is distributed. At last the Prasadam is self eaten.

Significance of Wednesday Fasting

Observing the fast of Wednesday increases the wisdom of the person. To earn profit in business as well, this fast is observed. This fast reduces the obstacles in the business area. Apart from this, people in whose Kundali Mercury is not able to give favorable results should observe this fast. This fast is beneficial for the ones in whose Kundali, Mercury is the Lord of inauspicious house.

Wednesday Fast: Things to Remember

On this day, after Puja of Lord, Budh Dev should be worshipped with items of green color. In the evening after concluding the fast, as per the capacity the Brahmans should be gifted meal and alms. The person observing fast should have meal only once. Vrat should not be left in the middle. And, a person should not get up in the middle of listening Katha. Also, Prashad of fast must be eaten

Wednesday Fast Story – Katha

A person named Madhusudan used to live in Samtapur Nagar. He was very rich. He was married to a beautiful and virtuous girl, Sangita of Balrampur. Once Madhusudan went to Balrampur on Wednesday to take his wife.

He asked the parents of his wife to do farewell of Sangita. Parents said “ Child today is Wednesday. Traveling for any auspicious work is not done on Wednesday.” But Madhusudan did not listen. He told that he did not believed in auspicious or unfavorable things. After lot of insisting, parents of Sangita had to do their farewell forcefully.

Both started their journey in a bullock cart. After covering a short distance, wheel of there cart broke down. From there, they started traveling by foot. In the way, Sangita felt thirsty. Madhusudan made her sit under and tree and went to bring water.

When Madhusudan came back with water, he was surprised to see a man of his face sitting near his wife. Sangita was also shocked looking at him, there was no difference in both of them.

Madhusudan asked that person “who are you and why are you sitting with my wife?” Man replied “Brother, this is my wife Sangita. I have brought her from my parents-in-laws house. But, who are you to ask me such a question?”

Madhusudan almost shouted and said “You are definitely a thief or a swindler. She is my wife Sangita. I had made her sit under the tree and went to bring water.” Hearing this, the man said “O brother, you are lying. When Sangita was feeling thirsty, I went to bring water. I have already given her water. Now you be quiet and leave from here. Otherwise, I will call some soldier and get you caught.”

Both started fighting. Seeing them fighting many people gathered there. Some soldiers also came there. They caught the two men and took them to the king. After listening to the whole story, king also could not decide anything. Sangita was not able to identify her husband out of the two.

King said to put them both in prison. On the decision of king, the original Madhusudan got scared. Then a voice came from sky saying “Madhusudan ! You did not listen to the words of Sangita’s parents and made a departure on Wednesday. This all is happening due to the wrath of Budhdev.

Madusudan prayed to God Budhdev. He said “O Lord Budh Dev, please forgive me. I committed a big mistake, I will never do any travelling on Wednesday. And, every Wednesday I will observe your fast.”

On praying, Lord Budh Dev forgave him. Immediately, his duplicate vanished from that place. King and other people got puzzled looking at this miracle. By this grace of Budh Dev, king did an honourable farewell of Madhusudan and his wife.

After walking some distance, they got the bullock cart, on their way. The broken wheel of the cart was repaired. Both sat in that and went to Samtapur. Both Madhusudan and Sangita started observing the fast of Wednesday and started spending their life happily.

By the blessing of Lord Budh Dev, there home was full of wealth and happiness. Observing the fast of Wednesday, fulfills all desires of men and women. And, person who observe this fast don’t face any problem in travelling on Wednesday for some important work.

Wednesday Fast Aarti

Aarti Yugalkishor Ki Kijiye | Tan Man Dhan Nayochawar Kijiye ||
Gorshyam Mukh Nirkhan Lijiye | Hari Ka Rup Nayan Bhari Pijiye ||
Ravi Shashi Koti Badan Ki Shobha | Tahi Nirkhi Mero Mann Lobha ||
Odhe Neel Peet Pat Sari | Kunjbihari Girivardhari ||
Fulan Sej  Phul Ki Mala | Ratan Singhasan Baatai Nandlal ||
Kanchan Thar Kapoor Ki Baati | Hari Aae Nirmal Bhai Chati ||
Sri Purushotam Girivardhari | Aarti Kare Sakal Nar Nari ||
Nandnandan Brijbhan Kishori | Parmanand Sawami Avichal Jori ||

Wednesday Fast Aarti in Hindi

आरती युगलकिशोर की कीजै। तन मन धन न्योछावर कीजै॥
गौरश्याम मुख निरखन लीजै। हरि का रूप नयन भरि पीजै॥
रवि शशि कोटि बदन की शोभा। ताहि निरखि मेरो मन लोभा॥
ओढ़े नील पीत पट सारी। कुंजबिहारी गिरिवरधारी॥
फूलन सेज फूल की माला। रत्न सिंहासन बैठे नंदलाला॥
कंचन थार कपूर की बाती। हरि आए निर्मल भई छाती॥
श्री पुरुषोत्तम गिरिवरधारी। आरती करें सकल नर नारी॥
नंदनंदन बृजभान किशोरी। परमानंद स्वामी अविचल जोरी॥

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