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Thursday, 23 February 2012


Thursday fast is observed mainly to remove the obstacles of married life. Dev Guru Brihaspati is the Karaka of money. Hence, worshipping Goddess Lakshmi on this day, strengthen the financial condition of a person.  People having Jupiter (Guru) in weak position in their Kundali must observe this fast. Worshiping Brihaspati gives many kinds of fruit. While doing Thursday worship, remember to perform the Puja in a systematic manner. Wishes of a person are fulfilled on observing this fast.

Purpose of Thursday Fasting

Thursday Fast is observed for early marriage. Person observing this fast should prepare himself a day before the fast. On the day of fast, the person should get up early in the morning and worship Jupiter (Brihaspati). Puja is done by offering yellow colored items, yellow flowers, gram Dal, yellow sweet, yellow rice etc. If a person observes this fast for acquiring money, then he should worship Lord Brihaspati with yellow colored things.

On the day of Fast, Abhishek of Lord Jupiter should be done with saffron mixed in milk. Brihaspati is also the Lord of education, hence Jupiter should be worshipped regularly and offered water. This pleases Lord and a person’s wishes are fulfilled. Also, for happiness in married life, Thursday fast should be observed and yellow colored sweets should be offered to Lord. Additionally water is also offered.

The fast of Thursday is also observed for strengthening the financial condition of a person and increase his health. For achieving this purpose, a person should observe fast of Thursday and donate meal to poor people as well as provide alms as per his capacity.

Method of Thursday Fast

Thursday fast can be started on first Thursday of Sukla Paksha of any month. This fast is observed continuously for 16 Thursdays, regularly for a period of 3 years. While observing fast, the rules of Vrat should be followed strictly.

On the day of fast, a person should wake up before sunrise and after completing the routine works like bathing etc., he should wear yellow colored clothes. Then Lord Vishnu and Brihaspati is worshiped with yellow flowers, gram Dal, yellow sandalwood, sweet made of Besan, turmeric, yellow rice etc. Person observing fast should not wash his head on the day of fast. He should not shave, and should have the meal containing no salt.

After worshiping Lord Brihaspati (Jupiter) in the morning, yellow sweet should be offered to God. And, in the evening, yellow colored clothes should be donated. On this day, Thursday fast Katha should be read or if a person cannot read then he/should listen from someone.

Aarti of Lord Brihashapati

Jaye Brihaspati Deva, Om Jaye Brihaspati Deva | Chin Chin Bhog Lagau, Kadli Fal Meva ||

Tum Puran Parmatama, Tum Antaryami | Jagpita Jagdishwar, Tum Sabke Sawami ||

Charnamrit Nij Nirmal, Sab Patak Harta | Sakal Manorath Dayak, Kripa Kro Bhrta ||

Tan, Mann, Dhan Arpan Kar, Jo Jann Sharan Pade | Prabhu Prkat Tab Hokar, Aakar

Dawar Khade ||

Dindayal Dayanidhi, Bhaktan Hitkari | Paap Doah Sab Harta, Bhav Bandhan Hari ||

Sakal Manorath Dayak, Sab Sanshay Haro | Vishay Vikar Mitao, Santan Sukhkari ||

Jo Koi Aarti Teri, Prem Sahit Gavey | Jethanannd Annandkar, So Nishchay Pave ||

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Bruhaspati Stotram

Bruhaspati Stotram
Bruhaspati Stotram is in Sanskrit. This Stotra is from Skanda Purana. This Stotra describes different names of Bruhaspati. Anybody reciting this stotra by concentrating on Bruhaspati (Jupiter, Guru) receives blessings from Bruhaspati, becomes healthy, strong, prosperous and endowed with Putra (Issues, Son, Daughter). However this strotra is to be required to recite with concentration, faith, devotion every day. Jupiter if is with Rahu or Ketu in the horoscope then it is advised to recite this Stotra every day.
Grusmada is the rushi of this stotra. Anushtupa is the Chchanda. Bruhaspati is devata. I am reciting this strotra for Bruhaspati and to receive his blessing.
1) Guru, Bruhaspati, Jivaha, Suracharyo (Guru of Gods), vidamvaraha (who gives blessings to pandit, learned etc.), vagisho (God of vidya, knowledge), dhishano (very intelligent), dirghamashru, pitambaro (wearing yellow clothes), yuva are all the names of Bruhaspati.
2) Sudhadrushati (having a kind and amrut eye sight), Grahadhisho (king of planets), Grahapidapaharakaha (he who removes troubles of planets) are all the names of Bruhaspati. Dayakara (Kind hearted), Soumyamurthi (very pleasant), Suracharya (Guru of Gods), kumkumdyuitihi are all the names of Bruhaspati.
3) Lokpriyo (he who is worshiped by people), LokGuru (Guru of People), Nitidyanyo (He who knows right and wrong), Nitikarakaha, Tarapati (husband of Tara), Angiraso, Ved, Vaidya (doctor), Pitamaha (Grand Father) are all the names of Bruhaspati.
4) The person who recites these names by remembering Bruhaspati; receives blessings from Bruhaspati and becomes healthy, Strong, receives lot of money and Putra (issues, Son, Daughter).
5) He who worship Bruhaspati on Gurudine i.e. on Guru Pournima (full moon) with yellow Gandha(paste of sandal wood) and akshatas(made with rice); lives a longer life of hundred years and all his sins are removed. Thus he becomes free from the punishment of his sins.
6) By performing pooja (Worship) of Brihaspati using Flowers, Deep(Candle), Garlands of flowers and offering meals to Brahmanas removes all the troubles and Bruhaspati offers blessing to such person. The person becomes happy forever.
7) Here ends this Bruhaspati Stotram which is from Skanda purana.


Budha (Mercury) in the Tenth House.
Budha in the tenth house is good for service. Person even if joins the service at a lower grade gets opportunity to rise to higher post very early. Budha along with Sun in yuti yoga brings such opportunities in this house. Budha along with or in good yoga with Guru (Jupiter) indicates successful life with fame. People become successful in financial departments, Banks and where ever accounting work is done. Get promotion early in service life. Such people are good in oratory. In this house Budha and Shukra (Venus) yuti is good and such people are found famous orators. They like to study Languages and become successful. There nature is found jesting, sporty and they have got a good memory. However Budha along with Mangal (Mars) in bad yogas creates troubles in service life or in business. Frequent changes are possible. Budha along with Harshal in bad yogas indicates service of lower grade. But such people are found doing some side business.

Thought for the Day
Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.
—-Ludwig van Beethoven

The key to success is to keep growing in all areas of life——–Mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical.
—-Julius Erving

Bruhaspati Stotram

Bhraspativar (Thursday) Vrat Katha (Story)
बृहस्पतिवार (गुरूवार) व्रत कथा

Bhraspativar (Thursday) Vrat Katha

In the solar system, Guru, Brihaspathi or Jupiter as his popularly known occupies the second largest position after the Sun. Jupiter is revered as celestial preceptor of the Gods. Worship of Bhraspati or Guru (JUPITER) Devata results in a cure from ailments affecting the stomach and helps one to ward off his/her sins, helps him/her in gaining strength, valor, longevity etc. He grants the boon of father-hood to the childless, good education. Thursdays are considered to be the best day for the worship of Jupiter. Following is the katha(story) which is recited by the devotee, who is fasting and praying to Bhraspati Dev on Thursdays —

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Bhraspativar vrat viddhi

Bhraspati Vrat Katha

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Bhraspati Vrat Katha

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Bhraspati Vrat Katha


Bhraspati Vrat Katha

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