Vaman Jayanti

Vaman Jayanti

Vaman Jayanti is celebrated every year on Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapad month. It is also known as Vaman Dwadashi. In 2016, Vaman Jayanti will be celebrated on September, As per the legends, Lord Vishnu’s incarnation, Lord Vamana was born in the Shravan Nakshatra on this day.On this day devotees worship Shri Hari early in the morning with proper rituals. Donating rice, curd etc is considered to be auspicious on this day. In the evening, the devotees should listen to Vamana Katha along with the family members and distribute prasad among everyone. Devotees should observe fast and perform puja with proper rituals to please Lord Vamana and to get all wishes fulfilled.Lord Vamana is one of the significant form of Lord Vishnu. It is the fifth avatar or incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Vishnu Purana and Shrimudagvad Purana have described this incarnation of Lord Vishnu in great detail. It describes the glory of Lord Vamana.

As per the legends, Asuras or Daityas lost the battle against Devas. Bali, the king of Asuras became unconscious from the attack of Indra Dev and was on the death bed. At that point of time Shukracharya gave his life saving herb (Sanjeevani) to all the Asuras who were unconscious and attacked and helped them to regain their life and strength. After that, King Bali performed an austerity and became powerful than Devas. He achieved divinechariot, trident and armor for his protection through his austerities and went back to battle with Devas in the heaven.Indra Deva got to know about the intentions of King Baliand that he will be able to conquer heaven in this battle once he completes his 100 yagnas, Indra Deva went to Lord Vishnu and asked for his help. Inorder to protect Devas from the wrath of Asuras, Lord Vishnu incarnates into Lord Vamana and takes birth from the womb of Aditi, wife of Saint Kashyap. Thereafter, Saint Kashyap asked his wife Aditi to observe Payo Fast to get blessed by a son. Consequently, on the Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapad month Aditi gave birth to a son who was named Vamana. He adopts the formof Brahmachari.

Vamana was offered different things by each saint and goddesses, such as from Saint Pulaha, deerskin from Agastya, butea rod from Marichi, clothes from Angiras, umbrella from Sun, from Bhrigu, Sacred thread and Kamandal from Guru Deva, loincloth from Aditi, Rudraksha from Saraswati and begging tray from Kuber. Soon after he grew up, Vamana went to see King Bali on the day of his 100th Ashwamedh Yagna. King Bali asked Brahmin Vamana to ask for anything he desires. Vamana asked for three paces of land that he could measure from his own feet. Since he had made a promise, he could not deny it and had to fulfill the Brahmins wish. Vamana took the first step, encompassing the whole earth, and the second covered the heavens. In this way he conquered two of the three worlds. There was no place to keep the third step on which Bali offered his head to Vamana. Vamana accepted it and placed his last step on Bali’s head.Lord Vishnu was pleased by the integrity of Bali of fulfilling his promise. He blessed Bali with one desire. Bali asked Lord Vishnu to be present in front of him day and night so that he is able to worship him. To keep his promise and to fulfill Bali’s desire Lord Vishnu had to become his gatekeeper.

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