God of Wealth – Lord Kuber


God of wealth – Lord Kuber

• There are plenty of mentions of Lord Kuber in Vedas, Upanishadas, Religious books so also in Ramayan and Mahabharat • Bramha-Vishnu-Mahesh the trio and the books that speaks of Shri Ram and Shri Krishna give equal importance to worship of Lord Kuber that of Lakshmi , Ganesh, Hanuman

• In Jain and Buddha literature also as well as in Hindu religious books Lord Kuber takes respectable position • Lord Kuber is also known as Vaishravan with reference to his father Vishrawas

• Lord Kuber has got name Edvid due to his mother Edvida • In books of Buddha Lord Kuber is referred to as Vaishravan • Lord Kuber is also referred to as Yakshraj or Yakshadhipati as he is King of Yakshas

• Lord Kuber had blessing of Brahma who conferred him Kingdom of Lanka Pushpak Plane and boon of long life(without death)

• When his step brother Ravan cunningly snatched Golden Lanka from him, Brahma and Mahadeo told Vishwakarma and created Alakapuri is expressed as Beautiful city.

• The religious books depicts that Lord Kuber has control on Yakshas, Yakshani, and aquatic as well as forest dwellers

• Dynasty of Lord Kuber is of celebrated saints. The great saga Bharadwaj from mother and great grandfather Pulasti from father’s side

• Due to deep penance Lord Bramha conferred boon and made him God Bhagwan Kuber

• Due to celestial qualities and the penance like mother Lakshmi, Hanuman the son of Pawan, and Ganesh, Lord Kuber is included in the list of worshiped God in religious books in post veda period.

• Due to his golden skin tone Lord Kuber is termed different and special amongst other God.

• Lord Kuber’s body bears similarity to that of Shri Ganesh

• In Srilanka, Malasiya,Thailan,Indonesia, the statue of Lord Kuber found have striking similarity to South East Asia’s ‘Happy Man’ or ‘Laughing Buddha’

• There are hundreds of different images,statues, and sculptures of Lord Kuber in museums all over world

• The broad pleasant smile, healthy body and rich appearance is commonly seen in almost all the images and statue • Some cases Lord Kuber images is Chaturbhuj,Ashtadant,Tripad and Gadadhari

• The darbar of Alkapuri was as large as ’70 yojane’ is mentioned in Meghadhoot by mahakavi Kalidas. • The Sons of Lord Kuber Nalakuber and Manigriv were transformed into Arjun trees by Bane (Shrap) of Naradmuni, while BAL Krishna uprooted these in Gokul and give their form back is story of Mahabharat.

• Lord Kuber is considered as owner-controller-protector of all treasures from all three – Swarg,Patal, and Earth • In Greek culture and literature Lord Kuber is ‘Pluto’ avtar(reincarnation)

• It is common belief that the hidden treasure in earth can be achieved/unearthed due to Lord Kuber’s blessing

• There is occult science named ‘Nidhi Vidya’ Here Nidhi means wealth and is living, the same can be transformed to predestined location with the help of Lord Kuber’s blessing

• It is also believed that by worshipping Lord Kuber diamonds and pearls appear by itself

• Pavan Granth claim that Lord Kuber controls the aspect of wealth. In human life based on one’s Karma, the growth or loss of Money are outcome

• Lord Kuber is known as close friend category and famous great devotee of Lord Shiva-Mahadev • At the end of Yadnya and Aarti the Mantrapushpanjali chanted is dedicated to Lord Kuber

.Lord Kuber Is referred as ‘Vaishravan Rajadhira As the beginning of puja is with Shri Ganesh in the same way no pious pooja or rituals over without Vaishravan Kuber’s Mantrapushpanjali

• There are plenty of stories in ‘Puran’ that are based on life of Lord Kuber Once BalGanesh felt like playing a fast one on Kuber and he desired to eat till satiety. But in spite of eating and finishing all eatables BalGanesh was not satisfied ultimately Kuber prayed mother Parvati and obtained Modak made by her that could satisfy Ganesh

• The pandits or astrologers have mentioned that prayers of Lord Kuber is instrumental in getting hereditory property, property wealth through heir ship or hidden treasure

• Lord Kuber not only gives you intelligence to save and avoid wasteful expenses.

• The place where Lord Kuber had done deep penance at union of Narmada and Kaveri rivers, is known as ‘Kubertirth’ popular even today

• Lord Kuber is from the family tree of creator Brahma. Brahma is his great grand father

• Kaikasi was step mothe of Lord Kuber and her children Ravan,Kumbhakaran,Bibhishan, and Shurpankha are step brother and step sister of Kuber

• The conflict between Lord Kuber and Ravan was mainly due to the jealousy, mother kaikasi says stories in Puran

• Due to the nagging of Kaikasi,Ravan attacked Lanka and won them the same along with Pushpak plane

• Lord Kuber was peace loving King to avoid destruction of residents and property in Lanka. He left Lanka and took asylum in Himalaya near Lord Mahadeo

• Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh together deputed Lord Kuber as treasurer in Devlok and made him Dikpal of North • The statue of Lord Kuber should be placed at a place where business transactions take place as quoted in Dharmashastra • In most of the Hindu, Jain, Buddha temple Lord Kuber is in the role of Guard Dikpal

• It is said that while beginning the day, any work, or business investments and transaction, bow to Lord Kuber statue touching the stomach

• Lord Kuber is mainly popular as the remover of poverty

• Mata Parvati was doing penance in the avtar of Sati. Kuber had gone for darshan. But due to the bright illumination of Sati his eyes turned. Eye (Pingat) changed color. Kuber therefore known is also known as ‘Pingaksha’

• Shri Ganesh became Lambodar (with round big stomach) due to taking his devotees sin. Similarly Kuber also has carried sins of those misusing money and wealth so there is lump on his back. It is old tradition that deities accept the sins of devotees and make them free

• Lord Kuber gifted ‘Golden Gada’ to Pavanputra Hanuman to conquer the ill powers

• Regarding the carrier of Kuber different religious book give different information but man held palaquins ‘Palkhi’ is most common

• ‘Puran’ says that Parampita Bramha gave Amartva(eve lasting life) to Lord Kuber so that he can protect and nurture the wealth of this world

• The farming of Ganja and Afoo(opium) comes under jurisdiction of Lord Kuber hence puran has conferred the mastery of these to Lord Kuber

• The thief’s, dacoits, wicket persons and enemies of wealth are held back by control of Lord Kuber. So Lord Kuber is said to protect devotees from theft and loss of wealth

• Kuber is also known as Inventor of art of Gold Mining

• Lord Kuber constructed a dam on a river Alaknanda for water supply to his city Alakapuri.This is the 1st dam in the world as mentioned in Vastushastra

• Right from good olden days the image and statue of Lord Kuber made of gold or Panchadhatu is placed in Royal treasure.

• The residence of Lord Kuber the vatvriksha and it is said that he likes leaves of Kadunimba and bel-leaves dear to Lord Shiva

• The tradition of worshipping Lord Kuber on Dhana-trayodashi(1st Lakshmipujan day of Diwali) is on for thousands of years

• The story in Ramayan proclaims that Rambha the wife of Nalakuber son of Lord Kuber had given shrap (bane) to Ravana that he be killed if he goes against the wishes of woman. This saved sita though in Captivity

• Kuber Mantra was designed by Lord Shiva and laid tradition of praying Ganesh first and then chant the Kuber Mantra

• In the story related to the only Brahma temple at Pushkar lake, Savitri wife of Brahma had given shrap (bane) to Indra Cow, Brahmin and Kuber as in absence of Savitri it was advised that puja may be performed with help Gaytri. Later (Savitri) also gave Usshrap(antedote to bane)

• In M.P. Mandsore District near Khilanchipur Dhopeshwar mahadev temple the idols of shiva and Kuber are together. This temple which is over thousand years is ardent example of united Shiva and Kuber

• Even in Jagdish temple of Vishnu images of Kuber are inscribed on pillars, here Kuber is Dikpal(Gaurdian of Directions)

• On Dhanotrayodashi (Diwali Day) Kuber is worshipped along with Lakshmi. Lakshmi is godess of luck and Lord Kuber is god of wealth.He is in charge of permanent and plentiful wealth. Traditionally Lakshmi is worshipped with Kuber

• In Indian mythology there are 4 // Purusharth (fundas), Dharma (religion), Artha (finance), Kam (Sex), Moksha (freedom). Kuber is swami of Kam and Artha

• Lord Kuber is the owner singularly of all mines in world. So we find Kuber image in all offices of mines so any of the mining work begins with Kuber Puja

• Whatever is dear to Lord Shiva is also dear to Kuber so chanting of Kuber Mantra is done under tree of Bel.

• Vishwakarma created Kavachkundal(protective gear) for Karna, Sudarshan Chakra for Lord Vishnu, Trishul for Lord Shiva, Kaldand for Yama and for Kuber first Pushpak Plance and Lanka and then Alkapuri

•In the kingdom of Yaksharaj Kuber the culture gave good support and all arts

prospered. People enjoyed all wealth and pleasures. Even the Surapan(Drinking of Sura- Beverage) was popular and well accepted in Yaksha Kingdom

• Yaksha culture promulgated idea of enjoying all pleasures in life so in the images and statues of Kuber. We find liquor glasses along with heaps of wealth

• Near Badrinath temple there is Yaksha temple at Maana the idol of Manibhadra Yaksha that is worshipped is avtar of Kuber

• In ancient days sages used to pray Kuber Yantra

• In the images of Kuber his pet Mungoose and purse in shape of Mangoose in hand named ‘Nevali’

• As mangoose is dear to Kuber it is believed that sight of Mangoose gives you profit ‘Dhanlabh’ • As the name of Kuber is attached to hidden treasure(Guptadhan) hence he is also referred to as ‘Guhyapati’

• In Lanka as well as Alkapuri the description of vast beautiful gardens. Chaitrarath the garden in Alkapuri is described in detail by mahakavi Kalidas in Meghadoot • Even in older Sanskrit literature Kuber is depicted as symbol of wealth and pleasure.

• As Kuber is guardian of North Dikpal, North is also termed as Kuberai • In the post Veda period Shri Ganesh, Shri Hanuman,Shri Kali,Shri Lakshmi and Shri Kuber were transformed from Non-Aryans to Aryans and were termed deities

• The vastushastra proclaims that very town must have Kuber temple just like the main Gods

• In historic days Mathura, Padmawati, Vidisha and Pathiputra were popularly known for Kuber worship.In these idols Kuber is holding Madirapatra(liquor glass) in one hand and in other money purse(termed Nakuli)

• All religious books show relation of Kuber and Lakshmi

• Hariti is wife of Kuber

• Nidhi meaning wealth is costructed as of 8 natures and Kuber is owner swami of this AshtaNidhi (8 Nidhi) and symbol of these different nidhi are seen in his image/statues.

• In literature of Buddha Kuber is termed as ‘Jambhal’

• In Jain religion Kuber has been termed Mallinath Tirthankar’s Yaksha

• In vajrayan and Mahayan Kuber is termed as Jambhal but in Vajrayan his wife’s name is ‘Marichi’ and that in Mahayan being Vasudhara

• When Shri Ram and Shri Krishna were in prenatal period, the story says Kuber showered gems

• On the banks of river Alaknanda the city created by Vishwakarma is refered by different names as Alakprabha, Kubernagari, Kuberpuri, Prabhanagari,Yakshapur, and Alkapuri

• We often find both types of things beautiful as well as ugly images of Kuber in folk tables • Kuber vehicle carriers cary widely Elephant, Lion,Horse,Chariot along with man held palaquins are termed as Vehicle

• The oldest Kuber statue is about 2000 years ago. This half statue is found in ‘Bharahut’

• Puran mentions that Guru Shukracharya arrange security of Lanka and then Alkapuri designing Mantra and techniques

• In Kuber Niti written by Lord Kuber, there is basic discussions and guidelines about life just as in Chanakya Niti, Shukra Niti, and Vidhur Niti

• It is believed that Kuber has arranged Loan to Tirupati Balaji for latters marriage the same is not yet repaid and devotees offer donations to repay the same, imagine how wealthy Kuber must be to give loan to Lord Vishnu.?

• Traditionally on Dussera day the Apta leaves are exchanged as Gold. This tradition iss the story of generosity of Kuber. Sage Kautsa was to be presented with Gurudakshina, Kuber showered amass wealth, but Guru accepted only 18 crore gold coins and distributed rest to people. The tradition of distribution of gold on Dussera began since then

• In Yajurveda kuber is termed as Lord of Sexual desire and pleasures. Kuber ‘Vaishravan’ Kuber is glorified as god that fulfills all desire wants and needs

• In Kumaun in each town village border Kuber or vaishravan Yaksha form is positioned as Guard or Gramdevat(deity of village)

• Varah mihir has termed Lord Kuber as god that gives ruling power and maintains the same for long. He advised that Lord Kuber’s image/statue may be placed in darbar or in pious place and be worshipped regularly

• In Matsyapuran Lord Kuber is described in detail. Stone body, Golden shining skin, large stomach, holding gada and traveler in pushpak plane. Kuber is prayed as one who gives wealth

• In Agnipuran it is mentioned that Kuber is riding on Aries holding Gada

• In Vishnupuran description of Lord Kuber is as wearing yellow clothes, golden color and chaturbhuj. On this left in his wife Riddhi.Riddhi is symbol of positive lifestyle and discription of various ornaments worn

• In some images there are Yakshas around Kuber taking liquor or holding it to Lord Kuber while in some wife Riddhi is shown along with jar of liquor

• One thing common in the thousands of images/ idols popular in various countries is broad pleasant smile. • In the images/statue of Lord Kuber the eyes are half open with deep mystery.

• Yakshas are clan that take free and total enjoyment of liquor, meat and sex they lead very happy life

• In Meghadoot written by poet Kalidas there is detail disrciption of the liquor made from Kalpavriksha so also the Yakshas and Yakshinis love and sex after drinking this liquor

• In Uttarakhand there are images of North facing Kuber consuming liquor along with other Yakshas

• The historians while excavations in Vaijanath temple area in Himachal Pradesh, found factory making Kuber idols buried were hundreds of idols fully or partly made. This shows that in those days Kuber puja must be universal

• With reference to Lord Kuber, another specialty that has not much highlighted is that in North India. Kuberpuja was popular for health and well beings of babies. Even today ‘Balraksha Mantra’ is considered effective and strong to avoid child death and make healthy baby

• In whichever riturals whether puja yadnya or festivals where 10 Dikpals are worshipped Lord Kuber is worshipped as Guardian of North

• The Mantrapushpanjali chanted at the end has Kuber Mantra “Om Rajadhiraj Prasanna Sahine”’

• Sharad Pornima is birthday of Lord Kuber • Lord Kuber protects devotees from black magic and the ill effects

• Yogis wear Rudraksha Kuber Chain particularly those who activate Kundalini

• While chanting Kuber Mantra 108 times Rudraksha embedded in gold, silver or real string.

• Prayer and worship of Kuber is specially beneficial to leaders, actors, officers and businessman

• In some areas Kuber is pronounced as Kuver • Faith on Lord Kuber protects you from bad cruel souls, as Lord Kuber does control bad souls and downtrodden to give them path of freedom

• Nakul means Mangoose has place it the feet of Lord Kuber the story of this is, once the snakes who believed to be protector of heavenly treasures attack the Kingdom of Kuber who was treasurer, Lord Shiva who loved Kuber sent these mangoose to defeat snakes though they were Shiva’s clan. Since then mangoose was established with Lord Kuber

• In literature of Bauddha’s religion there are repeated references of Nakul(mangoose) and similar shape money purse Nakuli along with Lord Kuber

• In puran Lord Kuber is glorified as expert financier

• Symbol of Akshaydhan…Ratnaptra …is shown in his hands quite often.

• Kuber is pronounced as Kuver the meaning of which Ku stand for Earth world vira means nayak owner Kuvera means world owner

• Lord Kuber is also termed as Bhutesh due to its influence on Ghosts(bhoot) and souls(Atma) and dead(pret)

• The connection of Lord Kuber is with mystery, secretary and occult powers so he is referred to as ‘Guhyakapati’ Guhyaguru

• In shatapath Brahman Lord Kuber is protector of businessman but god of the thief

• In Manusmruti Lord Kuber is glorified not only as Dikpal of North, but Guard of entire world as Lokpal

• In Guhyasutra growth sage shankhayan Hiranyakeshin referred Kuber as Bhagwan(Lord) Kuber

• In Ramayan and Mahabharat sage Valmiki and vyasa refer Kuber as Dhanadevta thus calling him deity

• Mahabharat carries absolute impressive and effective description of Kuber Mahal

• In Sanskrit religious literature repeatedly refer to singing Gandharvas and dancing Apsaras who entertain Lord Kuber

• Lord Kuber is also referred as Kuver, so his wife is termed Kuveri.

• Riddhi, Samruddhi, Charvi,Yakshi,Kuveri are different names referred as wife of Lord Kuber

• In Thailand in past and now also Lord of wealth Kuber is highly respected and devotees have huge response

• Lord Kuber has reached Japan through Buddha religion expansion and literature. There he is termed ‘Bhishman’, god of wealth

• In Bauddha religion ‘Jambhala’ while in Jain religion Kuber is known as ‘Sarvanubhuti Shravan’

• Lord Kuber showers money and gems on poor and needy when he travells in his Pushpak Plane.

• The religion literature proclaim that when Kaliyug ends then Lakshmi i.e. husband of Padmavati Vishnu(Vyankatesh) viz Tirupati Balaji will repay the loan of Kuber

• A Brahman boy got blessed by Lord Shiva in next birth was Kuber says a story in Puran

• In Kautilya Arthashastra it is mentioned that statue of Kuber be kept at the treasure as protector

• The specialty of Lord Kuber is that he is protector of wealth, but this wealth is never utilized by himself, but he donates it generously to righteous people

• Lord Kuber is always pleased with devotees. Pure-improve, Right-wrong or pious-nonpious expectations all are equally appealing. He never denies his devotees

• Lord Kuber like Lakshmi gives wealth also gives knowledge of saving and storing the wealth. Mahalakshmi is godess of luck and Lord Kuber is god of wealth

• The wealth received with Lord Kuber blessing is beneficial to people. It is progressive and increase steadily. The Upasana (Worship) of Kuber is instrumental in achieving hidden treasure, heirship and the property. puja of Kuber is only and ultimate option

• As in case of hidden treasure, worship if Kuber brings unforeseen opportunity of gains such as lottery, gambling, Race, casino. Many devotees keep Kuber yantra or Kuber image with us when they try these options

• Money is never good or bad, but our role in achieving and spending it may be legal/illegal, good or bad. In this your conscience is guiding you where Lord Kuber gives advice to hear this ‘inner voice’ is Lord Kuber worship

• Lord Kuber is connected with life story of Shri Shivshankar, Shri Ganesh and Shri Hanuman. If the physical strength of Shri Hanuman and the financial strength of Lord Kuber gets united then what can be impossible?

• Lord Kuber is known as Banker of Heaven

• In Tamilnadu complete one month Lord Kuber is worshipped puja and big festival

• Like snakes, mangoose also stay in den underground. So in the vicinity of the hidden/buried treasure. In many pictures mangoose is shown to throw out of the gems through month

• Bauddha Jambhala means branch of Kadunimb(Jambhala) which is in hands of Lord Kuber

• Kuber had prolonged penance under sea in ‘Shirshasan’ and then in sea standing on one feet for Lord Brahma

• Lord Shiva himself visited Lanka and thereafter Alkapuri only due to love Kuber

• As mentioned in Mahabharat Kuber had visited Pandaras during their Vanwas (forest stay) to console them. This shows his attitude to maintain friendship in hard times

• In Ramayan Kuber helped when Ram had lost consciousness during war between Ram and Ravan. Thus he holds a place of importance

• Due to physical deformities sage Ashtavarka was subject to criticism and taunts but Kuber felicitated him and showed his character

• Due to wealth may a times hardships and invasions befell on Kuber but every time Lord Shiva saved him, even the invasion of Shukra was held back by Lord Shiva

• There are thousand names of Kuber in Sahastranama but commonly repeated are Alkadhip, Yakshadhip ,Dhanad, Yakshapati, Yakshodhipati, Dhanudeshwar, Tryambaksakha,Dhanadhyaksha,Dhanadigopati,Dhaneshwar,Pungyayadyaneshwar,Dravinpati,Gadadhar,Guhyakadhip,Nidhip,Paulastya,Vittesh,Rakshasadipati,Rajaraj, and Naravahan

• Yakshamam means I will protect. This shows that Yakshas were created for protection of world. And Bramha elected Kuber as King

• In Gujrat near Vadodara at Karnalion the banks of river Narmada is Kuber Bhandari Temple.Around 2500years ago the temple of Mahadev (Lord Shiva) is built this is known as Kubereshwar. The devotees after taking holy both in Narmada climb 600 steps to take darshan of Mahadev. Lord Shiva arranged Bhandara (free food donation) in the form of food and water for the troubled visitors. Kuber helped him so this became ‘Kuberbhanadari’

• Lakhs of devotees visit the yatra held at temple every Amavasya(No moon day) and Somavati(No moon day on Monday)

• The photos of Shri Ganesh at one side and Shri Kuber on the other side of ‘Saptamatruka’ that protects the neonates. This story is in conjuction with stories of Kuber being protector of children. In Maharashtra these ‘Saptamatruka’ are refered as ‘Jiwati’ and being worshipped

• In technical mysterious and occult subjects the construction of Kuber Yatra is a deep topic

• Kuber yantra is mentioned in Ramayan, Mahabharat and Veda literature.

• Kuber Yantra, Mantra and puja has effect on the planetary yogas and can alliviate adverse effects of these.

• Lakhs of devotees believe that Lord Kuber is capable of solving financial problems so also then the luck into good luck and create opportunity and options for resolving problems and improvise financial status

• The residence of Kuber the Himalaya is store of minerals property.

• For the heavenly pleasures to get relieved from the rounds of birth and death prayers are offered to Vishnu or the avtars(reincarnations) as well as Lord Shiva, where as Lord Kuber is prayed for earthy pleasures

• Lord Kuber is also prayed for balance recovery, distributed financial transactions to be normalized to Pay off Loan or to get fresh loan. He is also prayed to relieve us from our enemy plans of harm

• Many businessmen, entrepreneurs consider. Tirupati Balaji or Shirdi Saibaba as their partner and offer certain percent of profit to them. And we often read stories of crores of Rupees donations. Similarly these are many Entrepreneurs’ and businessmen who consider Lord Kuberas partner and offer certain percentage of profit to thin • Lord Kuber also like Hanumane is blessed with to be ‘Chiranjeev’(Long unending life…amartva)

• Lord Kuber’s statue/photos placed in temples of various countries are all pleasant happy smiling healthy and considerate. Nowhere is the form angry

• There are no stories of Lord Kuber being angry or having shrap(bane) to anyone

• Lord Kuber who never gets angree on any devotees, he forgives the mistake and

blunders of devotee while fulfilling wishes and helping them to realize the dreams. Really Lord Kuber is an opt Shivsakha friend of Lord Shiva

• Lord Kuber forgives. He does understand that man only after being satisfied from enjoying earthly pleasure turn to Moksha Money is means of pleasures but beyond that moksha is the goal says ‘Kuberniti’

• With the blessings of Lord Kuber one achieve mental peace, love near and dear ones, Wealth, Fame, Knowledge, Coverage, Capability, Wisdom of transaction in power, success, good kids, beauty, Intelligence, dimonds gems, gold and silver are achieved. This fulfills both Arth and Kam Purushartha.

• Lord Kuber gives wealth but the refered puja gives you wisdom to use the same wealth for good purpose

• It is believed that if u have faith in lord kuber worship and pray to lord kuber along with Shri Hanuman one gets protection from black and similar cruel powers

• Kuberniti propagates the principle of usage of money/wealth in such manner so that it does not affect other badly. By this Kuberniti places principles of exploitation free community

• Lord Kuber performed deep penance far friendship. Wishing Lord Shiva to accept him as friend.This may be unique example in the world. Lord Shiva not only accepted his friendship but also become his ‘Guru’. Whenever there were calamities on Kuber, Shiva protected him. He was blessed with boon that all those who worship Kuber along with Shiv linga shall have all wishes fulfilled. Also proposed that he shall also known as ‘Kubereshwar’

• Due to shrap (bane) of sage Durwas Lakshmi had vanished for six months before churning of sea (Samudra Manthan). During this period Kuber saved everyone by providing food and money. Thus after reappearing from Samudra Manthan Shri Lakshmi blessed Kuber saying that all those who worship Kuber along with Lakshmi shall never have shortfall of food or money. Since then the tradition of worship of Lakshmi and Kuber together • The last offering in yadnya is offered to Kuber only after that it is believed to be successful end of yadnya

• ‘Devo bhutvaDevam Yajet’ means that man should be like god while worshipping. Thus those praying to lord Kuber should think that they himself are Kuber and perform the puja then it is believed to bring forth financial growth along with Adhyatmic progress also.

• Tree Day and Tithi of Lord Kuber – • Tree Neem(Kadulimb) Day: Wednesday and Friday Tithi: Dhantrayodashi (13rd day) Poornima (15th day) Ekadashi (11th day)


Kubera showers wealth to almightyEvery human being strives at is best to prosper in his life. For that, blessing and wealth are very much essential in their life. To achieve this, one has to worship Lord Kubera who is the leader of the Treasure house under the table administration of Goddess Lakshmi, Source of wealth Kubera distributes or showers who worship him sincerely and also with full of honesty and belief. This same Kubera to his credit all the nine rivers do come under his control. To know more about Kubera is said to have given a loan to Lord Venkateshwara for his marriage with Padmavati. According to the Vishnupuran the repayment will go on till the end of Kaliyuga.

It is said that one who worships Kubera and Lakshmi together can never fall short of money and material comforts. By worshiping Goddess Lakshmi and Kubera together brings prosperity to the devotee by drawing new avenues and sources of income. Even though Lakshmi and Kubera are to energies / Power / and leaders of wealth, Kubera’s wealth is very well mentioned in Rigveda. He is the store house of all prosperity and takes highest responsibilities. The special puja of Kubera is performed on Dusshera, Dhan triyodasi and Deepawali, asking for prosperity and his blessings.

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity, light, wisdom, fortune, fertility, generosity and courage; and the embodiment of beauty, grace and charm. She is believed to protect her devotees from all kinds of misery and money-related sorrows. Representations of Lakshmi (or Shri) are found also in Jain monuments.Lakshmi in Sanskrit is derived from its elemental form lakS, meaning “to perceive or observe”.This is synonymous with lakṣya, meaning “aim” or “objective”. Lakshmi is thus goddess of the means to achieving objectives, including prosperity in the lives of humankind.She is the consort of Vishnu[ and married Rama (in her incarnation as Sita) and Krishna (as Radha and later Rukmini).


When Kubera went to Kailasam once to have a darshan of Lord Shiva, he found Him with Goddess Parvathi. Kubera was stunned to see the splendour and beauty of Goddess Parvathi. He felt sorry that he had not worshipped such a fine goddess for so long and one of his eyes shut itself.

Goddess Parvathi got angry that Kubera was winking at Her, and looking at Her with evil intention. She made his eye burst. Kubera lost sight in one eye and was also cursed that he would always look ugly. Lord Kubera pleaded with Lord Siva to forgive him and explained that he had not seen the Goddess with any evil intention. Lord Siva left the choice to His consort. Goddess Parvathi forgave Kubera and let the eye grow back, but it was smaller than the other one.

So one eye of Kubera is smaller than the other. Kubera was rewarded by Lord Siva with the post of being one of the guards of the eight directions – the North. The Goddess made him the lord of wealth and material.

As the God of wealth and material, his responsibilities are to distribute them while creating wealth is with Goddess Lakshmi. Kubera is mostly painted with his family and seen showering gold coins and navaratnas.

Kubera showers wealth to almightyIMPACT ON WEALTH- YANTRA

With this Yantra, one can gratify Lord Kuber and thus receive auspicious blessings leading to a favorable impact on the wealth of one’s life. It is believed that possessing and then worshipping this Yantra is equivalent to praying Lord Kuber in person if done with complete dedication and devotion. All money related problems would surely disappear by using this Kuber Yantra according to Hindu mythology.


This square shaped Yantra is found in nine equal blocks and is divided in 6×6 dimensions. One particular feature that helps in finding out the authenticity of a Yantra is that all the columns and rows including the diagonal ones count to 72. The number is considered influential on the monetary aspect of life. Kuber Yantra is an auspicious tool that is believed to possess the divine blessings of Lord Kuber.

  • It is one of the most powerful homa for wealth and prosperity.
  • It is performed for faster recovery of dues.
  • It is performed to please the adhipathi (king) of wealth and prosperity.


Lakshmi-Kubera Homam is performed for the purpose of gaining legitimate wealth. Those who are involved in business or are facing financial problems may perform this Homam to receive the blessings and grace of Goddess Lakshmi. The yantra (a symbol embedded in metal) used in the Homa, will invoke riches dispelling any curse or obstacle in obtaining the same. By performing this homam customer will receive Lakshmi Kubera yantra 6×6 inches which is energized in homam along with prasad.


Performing pooja to Lord Kubera is believed to enrich one’s life. To have a wealthy and comfortable life, one has to perform Sri Lakshmi Kubera Pooja.


Most Powerful Mantra to Attract Money, Wealth and Prosperity. Powerful Mantra invoking Kubera and Mahalakshmi together and it helps to increase the flow of funds and the ability to accumulate wealth. This is one of the Ancient Mantras of India to Attract Money and Prosperity. Kubera Mantra is as follows:


“Om Hreem Shreem Hreem Kuberay Namah”

Lakshmi Kubera yantra 6×6 inches Rs 650
Lakshmi Kubera Homom Rs 4500
Lakshmi Kubera Pooja Rs 350
Mantra writing for 1008 times to Lakshmi Kubera Rs 550
Mantra writing for 10008 times to Lakshmi Kubera Rs 850
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